Syelle, Simeon, Sophia, Judy, Suzanne, Sarah, and Mark
Mark, Simeon and Sarah
Sophia and Syelle
Sophia, Syelle, and Suzanne
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Marc Eric Badoux and Judy Ann Vasquez Family
Sarah, Sophia, Simeon, Flo, Jim, Syelle, and Jessica
Judy, Mark, Suzanne, Sarah, Simeon, Syelle, and Sophia
The Badoux family with Flo, Samantha Medile and Frances Vasquez
Simeon and Jessica
Sarah and Santiago
Judy and Sarah
Suzanne and Flo
Suzanne and little bit
Suzanne and Jessica and little bit
Bottom row. L to R, Andrew Medile, Frances and little bit, and Samantha Vasquez, Middle Row, Sophia, Sarah, Jessica and Syelle, Top Row, Suzanne and Simeon
Sophia and sarah
little bit and Sarah
Syelle and Jessica
Sarah, Brian, Jessica, Simeon, Judy, and Sophia
Jennifer Medile and Suzanne
Judy and Monica
Judy, Simeon and Marc
Sarah, Simeon, Suzanne, Syelle, Sophia, Judy, and Mark