Elias William Cagnani
Olga, Joseph, and Louis Cagnani
The Cagnani, Salani and Zavattoni Family
Joseph Cagnani, 1929
All Photos are Courtesy of Curt RimlerJean Audrey Richards Mueller and Bruce Salan unless otherwise noted.
Thanks to cousin Curt, Jean Audrey Richards Mueller, and Bruce Salan for sharing their Cagnani, Salani and Del Grippa family history.
Angelina and Elias Cagnani
Children of Elias and Del, Edward and Dorothea, 1935
Dorothea Cagnani
Palmira Zavattoni and Enrico Cagnani
Jeanette Cagnani
Edward & Dorothea Cagnani
Jeanette Cagnani
Dorothea Cagnani
Luigi and Carolina Scarpa                  Zavattoni
Carolina (Carrie) Cagnani
Joseph Cagnani (r) in 1929
Elias and Angelina Cagnani
Mary Lou Jackson
Palmira Zavattoni Cagnani
Palmira, Enrico, Elias and Jeanette
Carlo Salani and Jeanette Jackson
Palmira & Enrico
Elias Cagnani/1927 Rivergaro
Olga Cagnani Wells, Carl Salan
Top row: Carl Salan, Frank Bader Jr., Lawrence Richards, Palmira Cagnano
Next Row:  Robert Richards, Olga Bader. Chickie Jackson
Next Row:  Jeanette Richards, Mary Jackson, Enrico Cagnani Bottom Row: Frank Bader III, Jean Richards, Dorothea Cagnani with Edward Cagnani in front
Louis Cagnani, Frank Bader
seated L to R:  don’t know, Elias, don’t know  Top row:  don’t know, Mary Cagnani Jackson, could be Jeanette Cagnani Richards.
Cagnani - Mary - Chickie -Jeanette(bg) and Olga - 1948
Mary Cagnani Jackson
Mary Cagnani Jackson
Frank Bader III and Jean Richards Mueller
 L to R:  Dorothea Cagnani Rimler, Curt Rimler, Olga Bader, Carl Salan
Craig and Bruce Salan
Left couple:  Mr and Mrs Moses (Deb’s parents) Deb, Brucie, Carl to his right, and Olga in front of Carl
Carl Salani
Edward Cagnani
Edward Cagnani
Cagnani Family L to R - Edward, Dorothea, Frank, Jean, Mary, Robert and Lawrence Richards, Carl Salan 
Cagnani,, Mary, Palmira,Jeannette
Olga Bader, Mary Lou Jackson 
Olga Bader Wells 
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Palmira, Mary Lou  
Palmira and "Rain" 
Jeanette, Mary, Palmira 
Edward Cagnani
Back of Angelina's card.
Olga Bader Wells 
Olga Bader Wells 
Jean Audrey Richards Mueller,1927-2015