Special thanks to Emilia Mantavoni Grandinetti, my great grandmother, who in memory, helped me on this journey to find the pieces of the puzzle..Emilia Mantavoni Grandinetti, 1892-1946.   
Surnames found on this page are Chiafullo, Fasano, Strollo, Gelso, Giorgio, Grandinetti and more not yet included. Other comunes besides Colliano in these records are Eredita, a frazione in Ogliastro Cilento and the comune di Torchiara. Thank you cousin Ralph and cousin Patty for your help in this research. Also, thank you Penny Nugent for your translation help.
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My name is Lisa Sullivan Taisey and our family is from Long Branch, and Red Bank, Mounmouth County, New Jersey.
The Chiafullo Family in 1936
Tessie Gelso in 1936
Carmella Chiafullo, My grandmother Edna Gelso Grandinetti, Gladys or Gloria Cheverlotti, Rose Gelso Cammarano, Angie Damato Mancuso, Jennie Gamborcota (sp) Perrelli, not sure, not sure and Louise Grandinetti Trimboi
Little girl on left holding doll..ANGELINA Gelso Vecchio /Grouchy little boy..John Gelso /Above him ..Fillomena 'Anna' Gelso Vaccarelli/ Mother in center..Carmela Chiafullo Gelso holding Angelo Gelso /Boy next to her: Sabato "Sammy Gelso" /Boy in suit above Carmella..Eddie Gelso /Little Girl all in white with Bow..Rosa Gelso Cammarano
My uncle, John Gelso..Pic 1...Pic 2
Louie Grandinetti
Gelso Family