Mary, Son John and baby Richard
Albina Corbin
Kay Crook
James and John Corbin July 4, 1918
James and John Corbin. July 4, 1918
John Corbin at Notre Dame .
Johnny, Coach Doll, and Paul
Notre Dame Coach Don Doll and John, July 1961
Corbins at Christmas, 1954
Paul and James
Paul 1947-48
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Front L-R  Sarah Mumford and Lillian (Darby) HurwoodStanding, Back L-R: Jane Mumford, Alma Darby, Martha "Mattie" (Darby) Shear, Celia (Mumford) Corbin
"All six women are buried in Oakwood Cemetery, Waco, Texas. They were the daughters of Abigail M. Simpson by her two husbands, Madison Mumford and Josiah Lester Darby. All were born in Louisiana. They were self-employed dressmakers. Josiah and Amanda, along with widow Celia (Mumford) Corbin and her three children, moved to Waco between 1872 and 1874. Josiah's and Amanda's death dates have not been found. The only son that we have found to have also come to Texas is Josiah and his first wife, Susannah Small's, son, Benjamin Franklin Darby who settled near Peoria, Hill County, Texas. Ben Darby was the father of Joe's grandmother, Hattie Alma (Darby) Cook. This picture belonged to Hattie Cook and is now in the possession of her daughter, Cecil Cook".

Family of John W. and Albina Ruggiero Corbin
 Picture courtesy of Joe and Janet Cook 
Millie, James and Richard
Paul and Albina, 1953 in Ft Worth
Oscar Wyche Corbin, John's brother.
Albina and John Corbin
Census Records
Marriage Records
Information from Joe and Janet Cook's web site pertaining to the picture of the six women. 
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Corbin Family abt. 1951
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