Mary and Sonny Mollo
Elizabeth Mollo
Sal Mollo
Mary and Margie Mollo
Danny Mollo
Elizabeth and Mary
Lou, Sal and Mary Mollo
Margie and Mary Mollo
Louis Mollo married Elizabeth Ruggiero, June 27th, 1927 in Philadelphia. Of that marriage four children were born; Sal, Mary, Margie and Danny.
Mar. 16th 1894, Louis's father, Francesco Mollo, possibly came to the U.S. on this ship.

A special hello to Cousins-  Sal, Ann, Karen, and Anthony  Mary  Margie, David, and Gregory  Sandi, Michael and Jennifer
                                                      and Jessica Lee Mollo.
Elizabeth  Mollo (nee Ruggiero)
The Mollo Wedding 1927
Family of Louis Mollo and Elizabeth Ruggiero
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John Corbin, Michele Troilo, unkn, Louis with son Sal
Ann and Sal
Louis and Elizabeth with children Mary, Margie and Sal
Danny Mollo and Paul Corbin
Information on the first 5 generations of the Mollo Family courtesy of Jim Mollo, son of Frank Mollo and grandson of Vincent Mollo.