Elizabeth Ruggiero Mollo and Mary Mollo
Rose, my mom Albina , Peggy
Peggy,Albina, Rose with John Corbin and son Richard
Anna Maria, Michael Troilo,Rosie and Peggy.
Maria, Michael, Rose, and Sam
Pasquale passed away in Feb. of 1920 from influenza. Anna Maria married Michael Troilo in 1923.There were no children from that marriage. Anna Maria passed away in 1953. Michael Troilo passed away in 1956. They are buried in Holy Cross Cemetery, Yeadon, PA 
Albert Ruggiero, circa 1913
Elizabeth Ruggiero,circa 1904
Peggy and Sam Pezzuro
My Mom,Albina Ruggiero Corbin
from  Colliano, Salerno, Campania, Italy. 
My maternal grandfather, Pasquale Ruggiero was born in Colliano in June of 1876. He immigrated to Philadelphia in 1893. He met Anna Maria Priore, daughter of Pasquale Priore and Albina Viola and they married in 1902. There were 11 children from that marriage.  Pasquale was a notary, inventor and real estate agent in his 43 years. He also published his own newspaper.
Peggy, Michael, Anna Maria, Rosie
Louis, Elizabeth, Sal, Mary and Margie
Aunt Peggy and Aunt Rosie
The Pasquale Ruggiero Family
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Other surnames included here are DelGrippo, Penta, Vuocolo, Mollo, Scafidi, Troilo, Pezzuro,Ferrara and Fasano.
Mary and Michael Troilo
Pictures of Colliano
     courtesy of Joe DelGrippo
Ruggiero children, Easter in Philadelphia, 1919. Albert, Albina, Rose, and Mary
Cousin Curt Rimler has shared many pictures with me and I am very grateful to him for his contributions.
Pasquale and Mary
Siblings, Alberigo, Rose, and Pasquale Ruggiero
DelGrippa Family
Carmela Ruggiero and Carmine Penta marriage in Colliano.
Pasquale and Mary marriage in 1902
Albina Ruggiero Marriage to John Corbin
Pasquale Ruggiero
My mom and dad,Albina and John Corbin