Catoggio,Viola,Grande and Angerami
Much of my research of Armento was done with the help of the following; Trish, Certified/ Professional genealogist, Joyce, researching at her FHC, providing many of the records on this page, Cousin Wendy,of the Catoggio Family, and Giovanni Ambrosini, for their research and editing of information seen on this Armento page, and Dale Leppard for providing the first eleven generations of the Angerami Family.  
                                     I also want to thank  AnnMarie and Jay  for furnishing the beautiful pictures of Armento.
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from Armento, Potenza, Basilicata
Armento Cemetery
Benvenuti AnnMarie
Street in Armento
Walkway in Armento
Street in Armento
WW I Memorial
WWI and WWII War Memorial
WW II Memorial
The pictures of the WWI and WWII memorials and of the cemetery and streets of Armento are courtesy of AnnMarie and Jay.
   I had the good fortune of being contacted by another Viola cousin, Mike Viola.
 another Catoggio descendant, Carol and 7th cousin Dale of the Angerami Family.
My maternal Great-Grandmother, Albina Viola, was born in Armento in 1853. She married Pasquale Priore in 1875 in Corleto Perticara. From that marriage, five children were born. Albina died in 1937 in Philadelphia and is buried in Holy Cross Cemetery.  This page contains records and family information pertaining to the many branches of the Viola tree. Also included here is a Genealogical History of the Noble House of Angerami provided by Dale Leppard and his research of his Angerami Family of Montemurro, Potenza, Basilicata.