Holy Cross Cemetery is located in Yeadon, PA. This cemetery is a short distance from South Philadelphia, where my mom, Albina Ruggiero was born. 
Top right; The Priore Family Head Stone; my greatuncle, Philip Priore and wife Raffaela Marturano. Philip's mother, Albina Viola Priore. My grandmother, Mary and her second husband Michael Troilo, and Philip's son in law, Robert Garcia. Top left is my Grandfather, Pasquale and two sons. Below it is the grave of my greatuncle, Vincenzo Priore. He is buried with Maria and Albert Ruggiero. Across, Right is Luzio Palena and wife Angelina Rotolo, grandparents of Connie DeStefano and below that is Connie's brother, George DiCiurcio. The DiStefano stone is Pasquale and Maria, grandparents of cousin Robert DeStefano.
Holy  Cross  Cemetery
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St. Mary Section
Previously Interred
The three pictures above mark a  section  of the Cemetery  where my great grandfather, Pasquale Priore is buried. Pasquale died in 1896 and was buried in St. Marys in Philadelphia. All of the graves in St. Marys were later relocated in mass to Holy Cross Cemetery. There are no grave markers for these .