The DiBabbo Family   Ripa Teatina, Chieti, Abruzzo
Census Records}
My greataunt Anna Priore, youngest daughter of Pasquale Priore and Albina Viola, married Giuseppe DiBabbo in Philadelphia, Dec. 1, 1913. Of that marriage eight children were born; Jennie, Tony, Albina, Virginia, Anna, Joseph, Pasquale and Elisabeth. The son of Antonio and Concetta D'Ortona, Giuseppe had two brothers and six sisters. Information about brother,Giovanni. Giovanni DiBabbo married Annie D'Ambrosia and of that marriage seven children were born; Anthony, Concetta, Lucy, Mary, John, Annie and Rita. 
Other Surnames included in this family; Hicks,  D'Ortona, Viola, D'Ambrosia and Cibelli, Salvano, Giallonbardo, Onorato, Fanelli, Fulginitti, Saggio, Gallo, DiMeo, Caristo, D'Onofrio, Nicoli, Valente, Masciarelli.    
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Giuseppe DiBabbo
Pictures courtesy of Joseph and Pamela DiBabbo
Liz, Pat, Joe, Ann, Virginia, Albina, Tony, and Jenny 
I had the pleasure of meeting cousin Joseph DiBabbo, his wife, Pamela, and children, Dakota and Coti. They have been kind enough  to share their family pictures and history. 
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Children of Giuseppe and Anna
Italian Civil Records
Joe  DiBabbo
Anna Priore DiBabbo (r)