Selvaggi/Salvano Family from Baragiano, Potenza, Basilicata
 Saverio Selvaggi, his wife, Rosa Maria De Leonardis and son Vincenzo migrated from Baragiano, Potenza, Basilicata, Italy and  arrived in New York, Aug 21, 1893. Saverio and Rosa's daughter, Filomena, was born Aug 9, 1893 onboard the SS Weser and died 9 days later. The name Selvaggi was changed to Salvano some years before the recording of the 1900 Philadelphia, Pennsylvania  census. The name De Leonardis was changed to Leonardo around the same time.
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Saverio Salvano
Courtesy of Charles A Salvano
Jenny Salvano,sister of Ursula,  Antonio Salvano,  Ursula Salvano
Courtesy of Charles A Salvano
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