Albian, John and Robert DeStefano
John DeStefano Family
The DeStefano Family came to Philadelphia from Cupello, Chieti, Abruzzo, Italy.
John DeStefano, grandson of Carmine and Teresa (Romandini) and son of Pasquale "Charles" and Mary (Lombardo), married Albina DiBabbo, daughter of Giuseppe and Angela Marie (Priore) in Philadelphia. John and Albina had one son, Robert.
Robert married Connie DiCiurcio and the children from that marriage were John and Angela.
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Albina, John and Robert
John DeStefano
John DeStefano 
Albina and John DeStefano
Albina and John
Anna DiBabbo on the right
Robert DeStefano
Robert DeStefano 
Pictures courtesy of Robert and Connie DeStefano.
Anna Priore DiBabbo (r)