The Troilo Family
Mary and Michele
Mary, Michele, Rose and Sam
Mary, Michele, Rose and Peggy
Peggy, Michele, Mary and Rose
My dad, Michele and Lou Mollo far right
Gessopalena, Chieti, Abruzzo
After my grandfather Pasquale Ruggiero passed away in Philadelphia in 1920, my grandmother, Mary, married Michele Troilo. The marriage took place January 29, 1923 in Philadelphia. At the time of the wedding, my mother Albina Ruggiero was thirteen, my aunt Rose was eight and my aunt Peggy was three years old.

My step-grandfather Michele Troilo was born September 23, 1884 in Gessopalena. He immigrated to New York and eventually settled in Philadelphia. According to records from Gessopalena, Michele had only one sibling, a brother, Vincenzo. 
My cousins that knew Michele said that he was a kind and loving man to Mary and a good step father to my mom and her sisters.Michele passed away in 1956 and is buried at Holy Cross Cemetery next to his wife, Mary.

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   Thank you to Leila, RoseMary and Elsie for the Vincenzo Troilo information and to Jan  for her interest in this research.
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