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The picture to the right was given to my mother, Albina Ruggiero in the 1930's. On the back of the photo my mother wrote, Aunt Rose. Once we realized  the importance of this photo, we were able to link the Ruggiero and Del Grippa families to a small comune in Italy called  Colliano.

Sabato Del Grippa is sitting at left. Angelina, is standing next to him. Then Elvira, next to mother Rosa Ruggiero Del GrippaMary, the youngest, is in the middle.
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Sabato Del Grippa and Rose Ruggiero
Thanks to  Bruce for the Louis Cagnani Obituary.
Birth Records
Sabato Del Grippa's birth act reveals that he married Francesca Cristofaro in 1886. Francesca died March 11, 1892 in a tragic accident in Colliano. Sabato then married Rose Ruggiero Dec. 14, 1892. Other surnames included in the birth act are Vuocolo, Gaudiosi, Tartaglia, Iannarella, and Bergamo.
Names included in the tragic accident, Pucciariello, Chiariello, Russo, Cristoforo, Fasano, Petrollino, Vuocolo, Fiore, Ferrante, Fornataro, D' Ambrisi, Esposito, Verlancieri.
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 The tragedy in Colliano.information courtesy of Joe Del Grippo.
There are various vital records and  documents that contradict each other as to the spelling of Del Grippa. Many Colliano records spell the name Del Grippo, while many New York vital records spell the name Del Grippa.
Thanks to cousin's Curt (Angelina's grandson) and Vi (Elvira's daughter) for sharing your Del Grippa, Cagnani and Cioffi family history. 
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Various records of the Del Grippa and Del Grippo families from Colliano. 
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